You Take The Death Away

There's no point in hopin'
Caskets don't reopen
So there lies love's coffin
I've been here too often

But this time I'm certain
There won't be no hurtin'
For the soul that I sold
Has gave death its foothold

So what can love be worth
When it's deep in the earth
Beneath an endless grave
What can be left to save

I'd be only giving
Love that isn't living
Love that has long since died
Love that's been crucified

Death has had the last laugh
It's on my epitaph
Written with blood that I've
Bled tryin' to survive

If I only knew why
Love had to go and die
Leaving my heart empty
Why does love condemn me

There's no resurrection
There is no protection
My heart has been buried
All my dreams been carried

To those waters so red
Colored by what I've bled
Creating red oceans
Filled by from emotions

Time was never healing
It was only stealing
Any chance that I had
It locked me ironclad

Chained with a tombstone
Lies the love that I known
Never to find release
Never to be at peace

Through the raging fire
Came a great messiah
One that I knew not of
It was you and you're love

What a combination
I found my salvation
Making it all OK
You take the death away

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