Yet Keep The Love

I look to my heart
And grow emotional
In part
Yet keep my love back at a safe local

If I could find the truth
Yet keep the love
I'd gladly take the risk
Still I never see the proof
That love does exist

Each day of my life
I treasure all the joy
And strife
That I have learned that life will employ

If I could lose the pain
Yet keep the love
I'd be in a dreamland
For I know losses and gains
Always walk hand and hand

'Though no one could know
I fear the time grows short
I know that I am not the desperate sort

If I could hold you back
Yet keep the love
'Til I feel more secure
I would be on the right track
Of finding love for sure

Each day I exist
I'm forced to find the joy
Other miss
I know how quickly it can be destroyed

Now I can lose the hurt
Yet keep the love
Or at least make a start
It's surly worth all the effort
To have a peace of heart

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