When All Is Said And Done

I will not cry
At our good-bye
I'm stronger than you think
I'm pretty strong
I'll get along
Don't worry I won't sink

When love don't climb
I guess it's time
Time for an overhaul
Why is love lame
No one's to blame
We just have done it all

We've made our plans
But those time spans
Somewhat altered our views
When love grows weak
It's best to seek
Out other avenues

It's all been said
Our love is dead
It's a mere skeleton
I do believe
It's best to leave
When all is said and done

Now we could change
And rearrange
The love so it would fit
We could pretend
To love again
To keep the fire lit

But it won't work
We'd go berserk
Trying to live a lie
I know it's best
To let it rest
And just to let love die

Seems our future
Will not occur
Dreams gave way to what's real
Thought may hurt
It won't stay hurt
In time our hearts will heal

We've spoke our peace
Now love will cease
New races must be run
So why hang on
When all is gone
When all is said and done

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