What Might Have Been

If I could just
Believe in you
If someway trust
Would just come through

Maybe my soul
Would take a chance
And change the role
Back to romance

But you have not
Given a sign
All I have got
Was left behind

To drown in tears
My heart has bled
And through the years
I've been mislead

By token love
You're heart has gave
Unspoken love
Is all we have

I need to give
The love I feel
If I'm to live
In love that's real

Then you must take
And return it
What is at stake
Is quite a bit

Still I won't cast
Love to debris
While memories last
Inside of me

But is this love
Potential hell
Do I miss love
So much I'd sell

My soul to you
While you sell me
The love I view
And know can't be

So my heart is
Broke once again
The sad part is
What might have been

If we had tried
A little more
But foolish pride
Locked shut the door

But do I dare
Still hope to chance
Is love still there
And is romance

Oh never mind
I'll go again
And leave behind
What might have been

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