They Say

They say that love hurts
But no love is much worse
They tell me I'm lucky
That love's never struck me

And so I accept this
As just the way it is
'Though I have to admit
I wonder quite a bit

Just what it would feel like
If love would up and strike
Would it be my eden
Or leave me just bleedin'

They say love will sting
But no love is nothing
They tell me don't hurry
'Cause love's one big worry

A void of emptyness
That leaves you feeling less
But I already live
Deep in the negative

Lord what a mess this is
Why ain't love asbestos
To save you from fire
The love I desire

They say love destroys
But no love is no joy
They tell me to relax
And listen to their facts

And so I do listen
Wond'ring what I'm missin'
How can I understand
What I've not felt first hand

And though I sleep deeply
It still doesn't keep me
From dreaming my one wish
That I can't accomplish

They say, love suck life's breath
But no love is like death
They tell me stay lonely
Be glad love don't own me

Either way push or pull
I stay stuck in neutral
Forever wondering
If I'll possess this thing

And so the world still turns
And love heals what love burns
They say love is a curse
But no love is much worse

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