There Comes A Day

There comes a day
When the child goes away
When the boy within you
Let's the man come on through

And through these doors
There is much to explore
To the sin you are thrown
And you face it alone

Decisions I face
And the fears I embrace
Are now staring me straight
As I await my fate

And my innocence
Is of no real defense
Don't know whose shoes I'm in
And God knows where they've been

There comes a time
When a person must climb
To the man now unknown
From the boy he's out grown

The beauty of youth
Now gives way to the truth
And the promises made
Now decay as they fade

The prayers that I speak
Are unreasonably weak
And the demons that curse me
Aren't known for their mercy

And all of my faith
Seem to have been a waste
Though my prayers are heard
Not one has been answered

There comes a soul
Who still yet isn't whole
Traveling toward the man
With the boy still in hand

The power to heal
From the pain that you feel
Seems to have been knocked out
Unconscious from the doubt

The rage I opposed
Left me no tomorrows
But God how I believed
Even while left to bleed

And all my beliefs
Have given no relief
They've taken all they can
Both the boy and the man

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