The Power Of You

There are days when the days come
Terrifyingly numb
Is my heart as it's pounding
But I've not found a thing

To relieve me of my grief
I can find no relief
As I search for my hero
None are ever in view
Because deep inside I know
There is just no rescue

There are times when my sorrow
Erases tomorrow
Leaving me bad memories
That just do not ease

And it so terrifying
But I must stop crying
Even thought I am frightened
Now I know it's time to
Rise up to be enlightened
To the power of you

There are days when my fear forms
To incredible storms
Shooting lightning of despair
Murdering my last prayer

I can find no safe haven
'Cept where it's engraven
On a dark eerie tombstone
As hope grows less and less
I have found I am alone
Except for all my sadness

There are those times when my doom
Will become my killer
It's as still as a tomb
And I bet it gets stiller

Now I have lost all my nerve
This ain't what I deserve
But since push has come to shove
I must learn to push to
Learn the power of love
And the power of you

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