Something Close

What kind of love is this
That leaves me feeling cold
I feel it in your kiss
But I am still not sold

Does passion burn in me
Or am I living lies
All that my heart can see
Is love within your eyes

My soul screams to get out
While there still is time to
My heart turns that about
Brings you back to view

I cannot seperate
Feelings I possess
And if it is too late
Is anybody's guess

Is this love I feel
Or only who knows what
Could this ever be real
Or should the door be shut

Never has my heart been
Locked in confusion
I think it's love and then
I think it's delusions

Reality is lost
When I look through my heart
But if I count the cost
Love slowly falls apart

Because all that I own
Are feelings so emmence
I stand here all alone
Under false pretense

I have so much to prove
And no time to prove it
It's time to make my move
Or to remove it

Remove the love I feel
Cast it from my heart
Even if love is real
It's tearing me apart

I'm seeing reasons why
This did not work out
If love did not apply
Then why do I feel doubt

I'm trying desperately
To find love where there's none
Just a feeling I see
And wish so hard would come

What kind of love is love
That leaves you feeling cold
If love wasn't enough
I still am not consoled

For if this wasn't love
But only a small dose
And if it wasn't love
Then it was something close

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