Slipping Away

Hold Your breath
For but a minute
I see death
But are you in it
Or are you going to stay

There's true love
Can I win it
I view love
But are you in it
Or are you slipping away

Count the time
Hear the screaming
Maybe I'm
Back to dreaming
Nightmares in the day

See the fear
Go to extreams
To wild dreams
Where you are slipping away

Stop the beat
Of a nervous heart
I'll retreat
Back to the part
Before love fell to decay

Try to stand
With an ailing heart
Take my hand
Return to the start
Before you were slipping away

Times goes on
As does my pleading
Hope has gone
My heart's bleeding
I am begging you to stay

My heart's fast
Feel it speeding
It won't last
If it keeps bleeding
If you keep slipping away

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