Sister Caryn

Sister Caryn understand
How I do long for your hand
And you tell me that you love me
And you're always thinking of me

Sister Caryn if you feel
That your love for me is real
Why do you tempt and urge me
While you linger in the clergy

Sister Caryn I am caring
But all the pain I'm bearing
Is growing way too intense
And I know this makes no sense

But love rarely if ever does
A stronger love never was
Sister Caryn can't you see
That you're in love with me

Sister Caryn I am caring
And a deep love we are sharing
You tell me that you love me
But our love will never be

Sister Caryn you're the best
Is God giving you a test?
Taking orders in a habit
But from God or from an abbot

Sister Caryn deep inside
Lives all the love you hide
There's nothing to be afraid of
After all it's only love

Sister Caryn is your devotion
Lying in a holy notion?
Or are really running from
All the love you wish would come

Sister Caryn all's been said
You're already made your bed
And you feel you can not quit
So this is the end of it

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