One Lone Soul

As I seemed
So calm and unconcerned
I had dreamed
Of pain soon to be learned

Time will heal
The pain will soon divert
Till then I must feel
The massive hurt

On my own
I fear I truly am
All alone
And no one gives a damn

Living in
A world where I am cursed
Giving in
To love, falling headfirst

Fell at last
Lord how, that love appeals
Fell too fast
Went head first over heals

By myself
Clinging to hope and prayers
No one else
And no one really cares

Hope will die
I freeze like a zombie
Tears I cry
Fall only to calm me

Anger grows
Love is a failure sign
Love's one rose
That dies while on the vine

Just one goal
And that is love to give
One lone soul
That's lost its will to live

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