No Way To Say Goodbye

Last night I dreamt love was there
And as my dreams
Turned into screams
I felt it become a nightmare
Thought it is rough
I still feel love

'Though I have been here often
And I don't need
To further bleed
Another nail in my coffin
I'll hang about
'Til I'm bled out

Hoping love can be revived
'Though it ain't real
It's what I feel
Maybe some feeling has survived
Or maybe not
Still it's a shot

If there's only half a chance
Someway that love could advance
I will take that circumstance
You know I'm gonna try
Watching something as it dies
While other feelings arise
Deep love still with in your eyes
No way to say good bye

Last night I dreamt of a death
Now it would seem
It was no dream
I see a soul without a breath
Lifeless it lies
A sad demise

I stand at a funeral
Who died in vain?
What is the name?
Love's buried at this locale
As I ask why
Love had to die

Can't believe love ever dies
Love can't be shut
No matter what
With evidence before my eyes
I cannot grieve
And won't believe

Now as I stand at the grave
All the love I could've gave
Now there's nothing left to save
There's only tears to cry
All the things I've yet to learn
All the love I fought to earn
Died on me before my turn
No way to say good-bye

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