My Happiness

With such love I am filled
It's love that you helped to build
But now you're gone
And so is the happiness
All that I counted on
I no longer posses

So deep into the dark
Goes a sad weary heart
Out of control
I know that love comes from
Somewhere deep in your soul
So then why won't it come?

Been waiting and waiting
And only creating
Many more problems
Where none really do exist
I know now to solve them
Yet something inside resists

See I've only found joy
By going through someone else
Always needed their help
To make it deployed
But alas I digress
What's happened to my love?
And what has become of
My happiness

With such love I still feel
It's love that you helped make real
Now what is left?
Surly not happiness
That's found an early death
Why? Is anyone's guess

I know I'm not the first
To have lived through the worst
But it still hurts
And my strength ain't that strong
I guess it can't get no worse
But what if I am wrong?

See, I've only found love
By using other's strength
I'd go to any length
But it's not enough
So now I will address
All my troubles first hand
Can I revive love and
My happiness

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