Meet Me In The Middle

There you stand so isolated
But I know you want my love
Forever you've masqueraded
Fearing what you know not of

Lover has brought you many a wound
So you fear love will attack
Now this time you could be immune
Or the pain could just come back

But now I'm talking to you
There are facts you are missing
And what harm would it do you
To set yourself and listen

Will you meet me in the middle
Will you meet me at the start
Will you spare me just a little
Just a small piece of your heart

Now you're thinking that I'm crazy
But lunacy's what love brings
You're rejection doesn't phase me
Hell it doesn't mean a thing

'Cause it couldn't be so rough
And rejection's nothing new
And my heart is pumping love
It is beating just for you

You're telling me I should quit
'Cause there's nothing to discuss
Won't you give way just a bit
Aren't you at all curious

Will you meet me in the middle
Or somewhere down the line
Can you give me just a little
To see if your heart beats as mine

Is it love that I'm feeling
Or a facsimile of
Either way I am receiving
Feelings that come close to love

And deep inside I do care
So you'll have to accept it
It's a cross you'll have to bear
There's no way to reject it

So here I stand a waiting
I don't wait for everyone
And this love I'm generating
Is a one-time situation

Will you meet me in the middle
Will you meet me at the end
Can you love me just a little
Even just to be my friend

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