Maybe Someday

And as I walk on
The feeling's gone
No one to share
All alone I live
And it just isn't fair
I have so much to give

And my heart was unfurled
Then I called it a day
As I gave it to a world
That didn't want it anyway

Maybe some day soon
Love will be there
On a wing and a prayer
Love will resume
Maybe someone will say
I love you
I'm thinking of you
Maybe someday but not today

And mile after mile
After awhile
It's tiresome
Cause it never ends
I wonder if love will come
Before darkness descends

Let my love be a light
Let my soul be your guide
You could make thru the night
If we both stood side by side

Maybe someday soon
Love will come to me
Be a possibility
My heart has room
Maybe soon I will hear
I love you
I'm thinking of you
Maybe someday, maybe next year

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