Maybe tonight
I'll find what I'm looking for
Maybe tonight
It will knock on my door

But is it enough
To feel that tomorrow
Maybe some love
Will overcome sorrow

Must I seek on
Or stay and believe
Though chances have gone
There something I can receive

Feelings surround me
Has some love found me
Or come to drown me

Maybe my prayers
Have finally been answered
Maybe my prayers
Have finally been heard

It seem that I'm
Love looking for better love
Maybe this time
It will be good enough

Should I expect
Love to be undaunted
Must I accept
Something less than I wanted

Feelings immerse me
Soon to coherse me
I pray they have mercy

Maybe sometime
I'll find without seeking
Mabye sometime
I'll hear love speaking

But until then
I guess I'll keep hopin'
Maybe again
My heart will reopen

Let love slide in
And cast out the doubt
Let my heart win
The love it dreams about

But in my fantasies
Love's too quick to please
Then it becomes disease

Maybe my heart
Finally's healed enough
Maybe my heart
Is ready to face love

Mabye tonight
Maybe no sorrow
Maybe tonight
Maybe tomorrow

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