Love You Say

Love you say
But you turn away
You are looking for others
While we remain lovers

Why can't you see?
Just how much you've hurt me
My heat is crying
There's no justifying
The way that you love me
But never think of me

The love I need
If I'm to succeed
Oh he love I require
Just ain't you're desire

Though love is gone
You will still hang on
Till you can do better
You'll keep us together
And you can never see
What this has meant to me

The love you feel
In no form is real
At least for you part
There's no love in your heart

Deep in your eyes
I can see only lies
And you cannot hide
What you're feeling inside
Let us start this ending
And stop this pretending

If this is love
Then just count me out of
Anything else love brings
I'll do without those thing

So understand
Since you've played out your hand
Since this is love to you
There's nothing else to do
Now go and leave me
It's best believe me

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