Love Lost Tomorrow

Love lost tomorrow
I'll wonder but won't know
Who you're sleeping with now
But I'll survive it somehow

I'll think of what I had
And regret the choices
What do you dream of now
And do you have love now
I don't know
But hope so

Now days drift by so sad
Just sullen soft voices
Reminding me of my loss
How our paths will not cross
And each day
I still pay

Love lost tomorrow
When I chose the sorrow
The path to this folly
Do you even recall me

I remember our love
How easily I left
What the hell was in my mind
When I left you behind
You weren't spared
But I cared

I wish I could think of
The reason why I left
While you faced the unknown
I left you all alone
It's my shame
And my blame

Love lost tomorrow
I'll wonder but won't know
I wish someway I could tell
But most of all I wish you well

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