Loves Lies Lost

Love lies lost
Have you any memories
     If you leave me
You will have regret
In your life you'll have many memories
I am one you will not forget

Now I've crossed
Over bridges I've burned
     And it grieves me
There is no rescue
In your life there is love you've earned
I am love that's given to you

I thought we always be in love
And never say goodbye
     But neither is to blame
You nor I
Still I can't help but wonder why
So now I'll cry
Love lies lost, to be dreamed of

Love lies Lost
Strewn among the ruins
     If you cry now
You will never stop
In your life some love's worth pursuin'
And there's love you should simply drop

I exhaust
From this hard endeavor
     Don't know why now
But you'll never cave
In your life some love lives forever
My memory you'll take to the grave

I thought we'd be the lucky ones
Who didn't have to try
     We're very much the same
You and I
And I will always wonder why
Love had to die
Loves lies lost, it's dead and done

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