Lead Me In

Follow me
To the end
Of the earth and back again
And you'll find out what it's worth
All the happiness on earth
You will see
It firsthand
Much more love than you can stand
Where ever love comes to be
That's the place you will find me

I'm seeing hope
I'm seeing me
Where there's chances I will be
I am not afraid too lose
It is risks I'll always choose
Cause I can cope
With the pain
Where I fall I stand again
I see love in many ways
I'll follow it thru the maze

So lead me in
Lead me out
Where there's conflict there is doubt
There is no doubt in my mind
Of what I am sure to find
So let me win
Let me lose
Where there's love it's what'll choose
If it's love then I'll be there
I'll follow it anywhere

I'm seeing death
So what else should I expect
Where I go I'm sure to feel
All of my dreams now are real
What is left
Only you
Your arrival's overdue
I've been waiting for my turn
And I've got so much to learn

So teach me well
Show me how
I can find my way home now
And any place love wants to live
Is the home I want to give
So scream and yell
Shout hooray
Cause I'm finally home to stay
And if love is taking root
Then it gets my strong salute

So lead me in
To know what
And then let's slam the door shut
I'll be happy with the thought
Knowing all the fights I fought
Have not been
Fought in vain
Somehow I survived the pain
Where there's love there I am
Can sombody give a damn?

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