Just Beyond

Just beyond the tomorrow
But now within reach
Is all of the sorrow
That life has to teach

The pain and the pressure
That makes my heart numb
And how can endure
The pain that's to come

If love's a beginning
Then let it come now
If love is the sole truth
Then please tell me how
Love can be winning
While storms of vengeance
Destroy the nave youth
Of my innocence

Just beyond the darkness
The "Second Coming"
Though I don't expect less
My heart is numbing

The pain that I know of
When press is on
So where is this love
I had counted upon

I search through the saviours
That claim to be there
While adding up the cost
Of meaningless prayer
I know this behaviour's
A far cry from love
It's love that got lost
When it never "should of"

Just beyond the love
Too close for comfort
Is the pain I know of
As is the numb hurt

The numbness you now feel
Makes or breaks your will
For only time can heal
And only time kills

If I have a future
It must be in love
A future within hate
Is one step short of
A death that is for sure
So love's my desire
All I can do is wait
For my messiah

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