It's not the life

You stay, I go
I guess it's true
You told me so
You don't need to say much more
I'm going now, I'll find the door

I go, you stay
And so I do
I'm on my way
If it's you I'm gonna lose
It's not a life I want to choose

Love comes, love goes
While I am stuck
With my sorrows
I can tell you're not impressed
Nothing melts your iciness

Love goes, love comes
With love or luck
I get the crumbs
But if it must be negative
It's not the life I choose to live

Love me, leave me
You've closed the doors
It won't grieve me
I just haven't got the time
It's too slick of rope to climb

Leave me, love me
The choice is yours
To think of me
But there's not much to discuss
It's not the life I want for us

Depressed, Happy
Although I care
You won't trap me
I can tell we're living lies
It's shouldn't come as a surprise

Happy, depressed
When you're not there
You're at your best
This isn't what I fought to have
It's not the life I thought I'd have

Start this, end that
So tell me where
You're head is at
It's darkest just before the dawn
Now where have all the flowers gone

End that, start this
It's so unfair
With one last kiss
Is it over, finished, just because
It's not the life I wish it was

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