I Pray For Love

I pray for love
But only yours
There's no more love
You've closed the doors

You say that I'm
Living in dreams
Wasting my time
And so it seems

I need some love
And some romance
I'd welcome love
Or any chance

And through the doubt
You're still beauty
To seek you out
Is my duty

Though hope is gone
I count the cost
And still go on
'Though all is lost

Now you are gone
And won't return
I stand upon
The bridge I burn

And fall into
And endless stream
That speaks of you
But that's a dream

I'm swept aside
By tears of grief
That I have cried
But there's relief

Within my prayers
And fantasies
And my nightmares
In time will ease

I pray for love
But yours alone
I know your love
Ain't mine to own

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