I'm Bad

I'm bad
For singing the blues
Step in my shoes
You'd cry too
If the only view
You could see
Was a life with me

I'm sad
I'm sorry I cried
But all inside
I'm broken
And I'm not jokin'
When I say
I'm staying this way

I'm lost
And cannot be found
I'm losing ground
I back step
Into a bad rep
Now I'm known
For how loud I moan

I've crossed
And I've burned the bridge
I hemmoridge
I bleed tears
And cry of my fears
That doom me
How they consume me

I'm low
And digging my grave
I'm not that brave
I want out
But can't bring it about
I lose time
And the deeper I climb

Don't know
How this came to be
My misery
So I'll cry
Until I find why
I'll weep
And cry myself to sleep

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