I Knew

Love's the myth
In your heart love never dwelt
The hell with
Anything we may have felt

There's the void
Sitting right where was my heart
Now destroyed
Laying bloody and apart
From the first sign that I got
I had thought

You were it
And needn't look no more
Sure of it
You were all that I longed for

Now I find
You have slipped right from my view
Still so blind
And madly in love with you
From the first time that I saw you
I knew

Love's the doubt
That we couldn't overcome
Cast it out
And go back where we came from

There's the dream
That I had mistook for love
It would seem
Never will there be more love
From the first sign I received
I believed

I found love
But I soon learned I found doubt
Around love
You always found a way out

So it seems
I've been wasting time on you
Living dreams
That are never coming true
From the first time that I saw you
I knew

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