Going After It

Well my heart my slammed shut
And I closed the door
Still I know not what
I'm looking for

And I'm feeling tense
Though the fear is gone
And it makes no sense
But I'm moving on

While I'm very scared
And I know not why
Now I am prepared
So I've got to try

Out from my cocoon
As I hit the road
Though I sense real soon
That I will explode

Though I feel aplomb
Everyone is gone
'Cept for me and the bomb
That I'm walking on

And I hope I'll live
Through these desperate times
And it's explosive
Walking through land mines

Now I'm doubled parked
Outside your heart
Always in the dark
So I ain't so smart

But I'm not so dumb
That I'm walking blind
Gonna get me some
Of the loving kind

Gonna beat those fool
s At their own damn game
Gonna change the rules
So they fit my aim

'Cause I'm tired of
Being scared and shy
Every chance for love
I've let slip by

But not no more
I ain't gonna quit
Gonna change the score
Going after it

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