From This Love

Wounds heal slow
But in time they always go
Giving us the chance to grow
From this love we've come to know

One last kiss
Maybe it must come to this
To really know just what love is
And why the whole thing went amiss

All these dreams
I have dreamt will go unseen
I will wipe the whole slate clean
Not thinking what might have been
From this love

I have learned the negative
I've also learned how to forgive
And what it feels like to get burned
But can this be all I have learned
From this love

Love consumes
But emptyness has much more room
And given time I will resume
From this love with God knows whom

So goodbye
I have seen love amplify
And now I'm gonna see it die
Without ever knowing why

All these tears
Memories may not disappear
But memories make good souvenirs
So what did I have to fear
From this love

I have learned though I've regrets
The sun will rise and it still sets
And I need not go to greatest length
To see how I've gained so much strength
From this love

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