For Now

Nothing is moving
And my heart is still
Nothing's improving
And it never will
Fate has spoken

No silver lining
The roses have thorns
No sun is shining
And how my heart mourns
And I'm broken

And I'm broken
On tears I'm crying
No dreaming or praying
Nothing's worth trying
My soul is decaying
Why am I broken?

And so I'm at a loss
You've shown me who is boss
Until I have my day
I'll get by someway
For now I am broken

Silence is booming
Now the world is still
Calm is consuming
But I'm not tranquil
I am frozen

I shy away from
The joy and the pain
I'm all over numb
And I cannot explain
What I've chosen

And I've chosen
Those in
My situation
Those who are like me
Need no explanation
Will love ever strike me
Why am I frozen

And so you've put me down
You thrown your weight around
I'll learn to live with less
I'll get by I guess
For now I am frozen

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