Forgetting Where My Heart Has Been

A shattered belief
And love's gone astray
I've taken my grief
And thrown it away

'Cause there must be more
Love washing ashore
All I have to do
Is put it in view

And 'though it may hurt
The grief I'll sever
It cannot stay hurt
Bleeding forever

In time I will heal
Be able to feel
The love once again
That gave me this pain

And 'though I don't like
Living all alone
Sometimes memories strike
And I fall alone

And drift back to love
It's all I think of
But those fantasies
Given time will ease

Leftover feelings
Are hard to ignore
So damn appealing
But love is no more

So I must face it
Try to replace it
With thought of good times
Forget lovers crimes

And so once again
I'm back at the start
Right where I had been
But with a broken heart

Now it's coming down to
Getting around to
Trying to find love again
Forgetting where my heart has been

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