Standing there struck with awe
Can't believe the sight I saw
Was it love within this one
Had love finally begun

Deep emotions count the bliss
So it all comes down to this
Fill my heart with love we made
Or back off and be afraid

My heart screams to forge ahead
But emotions feel misled
I feel love but I'm concerned
That I don't feel any returned

Could it be a coming hell
Will this love fester and dwell
Should I go or just stop it
The risks outweigh the profit

To fall now and find true love
But either way when I view love
I don't see the love I need
And if I fall will I bleed

Bleed the tears and drown in love
That I should be capable of
Is this love now here to last
Please love tell me the forecast

Standing there deep in my soul
Slowly my heart takes control
Swallows me in deep passion
Allowing love to happen

Deeper feelings count the cost
Measure gains against what's lost
The price of the love I gave
Giving love I should've saved

And saving love I should've gave
Putting off the love I crave
Now I must face the love
Fall now or replace the love

Could this be potenital doom
Even if my heart has room
If I feel the slightest doubt
Is it better to get out

Take the pain and hurt a bit
Or wait until the pain won't quit
Till this love destroys my gains
Leave me with massive pain

But what if this love is so
Is it better not to know
Is this love ment to last
Please love tell me the forecast

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