Failure Sign

Used to be so concerned
Love never would be mine
But now I've long since learned
Love's but a failure sign

And it's storming in my soul
My heart profusely bleeds
Love's taken quite a toll
It' carves out what it needs

Used to think love was fate
"I love you" just a line
Too bad I learned too late
Love's but a failure sign

Now I'm asphyxiating
My spirit cannot breathe
While love was kept waiting
The soul decides to leave

Now I am never a fret
The pain's become benign
With love all you can get
Is a mere failure sign

And the winds whip up fear
My heart cowers in fright
As emotions disappear
I'm too tired to fight

Now I know love ain't luck
It's just best to resign
Before you fall and get stuck
Trapped in a failure sign

Every breath of love I take
Chokes me and won't quit
And if heart can break
Then what good is it

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