Do You Remember Love

Wheelings and dealings
And scheming
Beaming and dreaming
Do remember love

Back when
Love was much younger
A hunger -- That bowled you right under
But then
We found contentment
Resentment -- That lingered relentlent

I stood
On principles fought for
At love's door -- Believed in the folklore
How could
Our very own "Venus"
Demean us -- And then come between us

I ask
Is all of the fighting
So frightening -- That it ain't worth righting
A love left neglected
Rejected -- Can still be corrected

Emotions of notions
And moping
Hoping and Coping
Do you remember love

Time was
All we could think of
Was our love -- But push came to shove
Just 'cause
Our love lacked perfection
Rejection -- Won the election

Should we
Believe in the fairytale
Set sail -- Into love doomed to fail
It's we never thought to
We ought to -- Can we afford not to?

Through all
Of the displeasure
A treasure -- Still goes unmeasured
The wall
Build of lover's crimes
Can be climbed -- If we just put in the time

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