Don't Take For Granted

Don't take for granted
That love is enchanted
The bestest of lovers
Can always find others

I don't mean to stand here
And I don't mean to preach
I don't mean to cause fear
But please let me teach

The lessons that I've learned
And the one's I've learned well
So you don't wind up burned
In a loving hell

The one you love now
You've got to show her how
Much love that you feel
And somehow prove it's real

It's now till forever
So you must realize
And never say never
There's always surprise

In order to win love
And make it succeed
You tell her you're in love
Make it guaranteed

Don't ever assume
That love always has room
'Cause available
Is a heart that ain't full

I don't mean to sound like
I'm preaching alarm
But anything could strike
And I've seen the harm

How I've seen it first hand
Often just because
One did not understand
The love really was

But never spoke of
So go and now speak of love
Now go and be heard
And say more than just words

For weak explanations
Of words of the heart
Take solid foundations
And shake them apart

Now make sure she knows love
If you have to shout
And always expose love
So she'll never doubt

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