Don't Know Why

Don't know why
I'm surviving when I should be dead
Even I can see
There's no hope for me
My life is shreds
And wouldn't matter if I try
My tears so far
Haven't healed the scar
When I look ahead

There is nothing that I wish to see
Don't know what else could happen to me
But happen it will so certainly

I stood strong
And I fought so hard for my belief
Now I curse the strife
I'm fighting for life
And some relief
It don't matter cause all along
It was a lost cause
With so many flaws
When I turn from grief

I run smack dab into other hells
It's the one place where my life excels
I wish it was somebody else

Just don't know
How the situation came to be
One minute I'm fine
Then it's all decline
So endlessly
And I'd given up so long ago
But the pain ain't ceased
It's in fact increased
When I turn I see

All the dreams that somehow got lost
As I add up the staggering cost
As I feel my strenght exhaust

What's in store
I have nothing but a life of tears
That will always be
It amazes me
That I'm still here
And it doesn't matter any more
It is here to stay
I can't turn away
From circles of fear

Am I strong enought to see this through
Is this only gonna continue
Is there anything else to do

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