Come To Me

Children saw me
Crying aloud
Tears are all they see
Love hides in a crowd

And the fear fades
Darkness departs
But the light evades
Those with evil hearts

I've looked for you
Through love and sin
But I never knew
How to begin

For only doubt
Had filled my soul
You turned it about
And changed my role

And your beauty
Made my life start
Not from a sense of duty
But rather from your heart

Deep in your soul
Lies the warm wind
That reached out and sole
My love from within

Fear turns away
Love faces me
I feel "A OK"
As warmth embraces me

I've longed to tell
All that I hide
Now is the time to sell
The fool that is pride

I think of you
So just expect it
You know I love you
So just accept it

I've looked for you
Through lover's crimes
But all I could view
Were the many times

When my innocence
Was my company
Now it makes no sense
Won't you come to me

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