Carmonailya -- Go on
No one will hold you
Carmonailya -- Be gone
I've often told you

I rise with the sun
To start my existence
And pray for the day
When you go away
Hard times they may come
It makes me no difference
I know that we're through
I wish you knew it too

'Cause you've taken from me
And forgot the giving
But there just has to be
A better way of living

Carmonailya -- My love
Rather my former
Carmonailya -- Enough
It gets no warmer

I work through the day
And upon my return
My hope and my prayer
Is you won't be there
I ask you not to stay
You don't seem to learn
You think between us
There is love to discuss

You linger and dwell
I wish you'd show movement
If my life was hell
It would be an improvement

Carmonailya -- Depart
There's nothing for you
Carmonailya -- My heart
Will just ignore you

I end every day
Just as I start out
And hope my heartache
Will end when I wake
You won't go away
Just hanging about
You know that our finish
Is my only wish

'Cause you have made my life
A life unforgiving
But beyond this strife
Is a, better way of living

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