Believe Me

Believe that I'm
Being sincere
Maybe sometime
You'll let me near

Close enough so
I can love you
You'll never know
Unless you do

With every beat
My heart screams out
From the defeat
To turn about

You can't believe
My love is real
And so you leave
My heart to feel

The loneliness
That you could cure
Love may be less
But I'll endure

Until you feel
Until you see
That love is real
'Til you believe me

Believe me when
I speak my soul
And when again
I speak my goal

To have your heart
And soul to share
Or any part
That you could spare

With every eat
Love speeds through veins
So incomplete
Potential gains

Are washed away
Before they take
To my dismay
They only break

But I will not
Be cast out of
This one time shot
That speaks of love

I'll see this through
Until you see
My love for you
Until you believe me

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