A Part Of You

I guess I knew it from the start
Right from the first day
You'd always be in my heart
And I won't throw that away

The broken bones
The stumbling stones
That I tumbled on
The blows you delt
Were never felt
And all the hurt is gone

I'll take my chance
On this romance
Even if it goes askew
I'd rather depart
With a broken heart
Then never have ever had a part of you

I guess I saw it coming
And I was so afraid
To let my heart go numbing
Was the worst mistake I made

The compromise
Was just all lies
Now only love will do
I know it's real
The love you feel
As is my love for you

Love continues
But if I lose
I'll just have to start anew
See I would rather leave
And badly grieve
Than never have ever had a part of you

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